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Ministries and More

We are about more than Sunday services at Crossing Fellowship.

Crossing Kids

Crossing Kids is our children’s ministry. We pray that the kids will focus on the four Ls all week long:

Love: Our desire is to show the kids God’s love by example, so the world they live in is not the only love they experience.

Learning: We want to make the bible come to life. We believe that the bible is not just a book to be dusted off once a week. It makes a real impact on kids’ lives.

Laughing: Kids learn the best when they are having fun. We want them to enjoy learning, making friends, and looking forward to coming back.

Life Change: The goal of the Bible is for us to experience life change. We know that life change can happen even to the smallest members of God’s family.

Young Adults Group


Whether just out of high school, a college student, Newlyweds, or married with kids. You will find your fit with the Crossing Young Adults Group ages 18-25. Get to know others your age in a real atmosphere through fellowship and the study of God’s word. If you have any questions, please send an email to

Learn more about our group’s vision statement and core values.

Core Youth Group

Our teen group is based on establishing a solid core based on God’s Word. We focus on relationship-building with God and others to help our teens understand the need for bringing real change to our lives and community.

Fellowship Groups

Get together with other people who share the common goal of spiritual growth through bible study, accountability, prayer, and encouragement. These groups provide a support system for the individuals involved.


Project Hope Inc is a 501c non-profit ministry. Our mission is to reach out and serve our community  Some of the things we do through this ministry is mow lawns for the elderly and disabled who need a helping hand. We work with Life and Liberty Food Bank and Yes Lord Food Pantry. We collect canned and dry goods for Beautiful Feet Ministries and items for Good N.E.W.S. who helps the elderly. We have our “Operation Back to School” supply handout each year to help students returning to school. We also hand out scholarships to qualifying Seniors for college as well as other opportunities throughout the year.

Freedom Recovery Group

The 12 steps of Freedom Recovery provide the “how to” for stopping whatever the addictive/destructive behavior may be while deepening your relationship and dependence on your higher power, Jesus Christ. That is the key to finding and maintaining true and lasting FREEDOM!

It works for drugs, alcohol, pornography, sex, codependency, control, anger, food, self-harm, money, work, whatever your issue may be.

Don’t believe the lie! You get to choose what runs your life. Why not choose freedom through Freedom Recovery?

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